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m. dudde hochfrequenz-technik GmbH & Co. KG certifies your product for each country in which you are exporting. Whether additional testing, special documentation or certification methods are required – our experts quickly and competently take care of certifications for different countries.

Certification service

We advise which regulations and standards apply to your device.

We take care of the entire process concerning the requested services.

Our long experience and our extensive know-how in this field guarantee time and cost savings and help you attain the approval certificate of a country for your device quickly and smoothly.


Our service includes:

information about which documents / test pattern are required for the respective countries

Obtaining the necessary country-specific forms and filling them

Creating the appropriate photo documentation depending on the requirement (separate invoice)

Preparation of required translations (accounting on evidence)


Preparation of specific documentation

Applying an appealing presentation template to the application documents

Premeasurement of test patterns required in some countries (separate invoice)

Packaging and shipping of application documentation and test patterns (accounting on evidence)

Review of maturity and arrival of packets by tracking the Internet

Consulting / support for technical issues before and during the application process

Information on country-specific labels (approval mark)

Regular status reports

Intensive contact with the authorities in each country

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