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Laboratory services

Independent and competent

Our Laboratory services

Development laboratory EMC and radio

Tests and any post-development on the following electrical and electronic components and devices:

Radio transmitters and receivers in EMC, EMF and Electrical safety

Devices in the Information Technology emission, immunity and safety.

Safety, emission and immunity for electrical equipment for Household and similar purposes.


We advise which regulations apply to your device and standards and discuss the next steps required to bring your device in Europe and worldwide in commercial use.

Due to our more than thirty years of experience in the fields of EMC suppression and post-development of radio equipment, we are able to assist you with any available EMC / radio questions with words and deeds.


Analysis and post-development

We analyze your equipment for compliance with radio or EMC requirements with targeted tests and pre-test. If a device fails the test, we post-develop the device on your request. The results of our activities are of course documented for you and recorded in a report.



he tests of your equipment can be carried out as desired, according to standards and cost-effective in our development laboratory.

Modifications may be made during these measurements that can be analyzed and documented.



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